8 Pcs Replacement Kit Vacuum Parts for iRobot Roomba 600 Series 610 680 660 650

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Fit Models:

For iRobot Roomba 600 Series 614 618 620 621 630 635 640 650 652 660 665 671 680 690 695,with exception of the side-brush in the kit.
Note: NOT compatible with models 645, 655.
1 x Bristle Brush
1 x Flexible Beater Brush
3 x AeroVac Filters
2 x 3-Arms Side Brushes
1 x Flat Brush Cleaning Tool

Guides to Clean the Flexible Beater and Bristle Brushes

1,If your are using your robot cleaner in a home with many pets, you should clean brushes after every three months or after every four months if your home has no pets.
2,Simply pinch the yellow brush’s frame release tab, then lift up the robots brush frame and remove all the obstructions.
3,Remove debris or any pet hair which may have collected under the caps and around the cleaners metal axles.
4,Proceed to remove debris and hair from the brush and the square plastic pegs on all the other sides of the brush.

Guides to Clean the side brush

1, Clean iRobot Roomba’s spinning side brush at least once in a week.
2, Remove the screw and set it at a safer place. To remove it, use a small screw driver or even a coin.
3, After you have done this, the brush will just pop. Remove the brush and ensure that there is no hair or debris stuck inside of it.
4, Removing the hair prevents damages which it can cause to this brush. At the least, minor clogs can cause the Roomba to use more energy to make the brush turn and therefore keeping the brush free of hair will be a great advantage to you.
5, If there is more debris or hair stuck inside the robot’s inner brush, you will have to apply force to loosen it. A great idea is to use a paper clip.


This is NOT an original iRobot product and is NOT covered under any warranty by iRobot Corporation.The brand names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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